Banned Books

There have always been books that someone was offended by and there will be plenty in the future. The banning of books from schools I think is just ridiculous. Many schools wont let their students read How To Kill A Mockingbird because of the offensive language and racism. I understand that it may  have these things in it but the books shows how racism was back then and how different things are now.

This year one of the top banned books was a children’s book called And Tango Makes Three. This children’s book talks about a zoo where there are a lot of different animal families. It then  talks about how two male penguins fall in love with each other. Sadly they can’t have an egg so the zoo keeper gives them one to look after and care for. In the end the two male penguins were just like all the other families in the zoo and where very happy and accepted. The book was banned because of its homosexuality and is thought to be unsuited for a child’s age group. I can see why some people wouldn’t want their child reading this but I disagree. Homosexuality is world-wide and many children do have two moms or two dads so it shouldnt be a problem to write about it if it’s not frowned upon children’s books with a mom and a dad in the story. In the end my opinion would be not to ban books because they are a way of self-expression. If you find it offensive that’s okay you don’t have to read it or let your child read it.


What Is News To You?

Q: What is NOT news to you?

A: Well i think that personal problems and achievements are not real news. They may be important to surrounding family but to others it’s not real news. I see real news as something that affects the country or even the world. This is what I see as true news because it affects hundreds and even millions of people.

Q:What do you think about cable news vs. network news?

A: Again I think cable news is more about news happening in the area its broadcasted from and that network news is more nation wide news. I enjoy watching cable news at times but when I want to know something big that’s happened I would watch network news.

Online Identity

Q: How does your online identity look now?

A: Well my online identity has no pictures at all. I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter, the only thing that comes up are my track times and the things I’ve been accepted in. All in all my online identity is very small in my opinion.

Q: How do you think your online identity should look for college or when you get a job?

A: I think it should look professional in a way. You can have fun photos with your friends but don’t put pictures or posts that you would regret later on in life.

Q: Is it right for a college or employer to reject/fire you based on your online identity?

A: This is a tricky question. I feel like they do have some rights to an extent. If they see something they don’t approve of but it had happened years ago I feel like they shouldn’t be able to reject or fire you because everyone ends up making a few bad choices in life. I also believe that if what they find something that happens to lots of people and may be frowned upon, then the should talk to the person about it but not fire or reject them.

HSI Experience So Far

I was nominated to HSI by my school and had to do a lot to even have a chance to get in. I had to write two papers, get two letters of recommendation, and write down my extra activities out of school. After all this i had to wait quite a long time to get the papers back but it was well worth it to see that I had got into HSI. So far I have been at HSI for a full two days. Yesterday we went on a day long scavenger hunt around campus. We had a blast and took pictures everywhere, but by the end of the day we were all exhausted and crabby. Still we went on and created an amazing poster for our team named #winning. Today has been a lot more laid back and I can’t wait for whats to come!